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Translation from and into Greek, German and English from as low as only 15 euro by qualified translators.

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Translation Services with emphasis on modern Greek as target and source language

Translation from and into Greek - German - English

correct - fast - inexpensive

"... so that the translation in the target language is understood as the original."

Translators' profile:
Well educated and specially qualified private translators, focused on translation into and from modern Greek,
ready to satisfy your needs!
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We will translate your special glossary and compile a "dictionary" for use with Babylon™ software!
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Private German lessons for foreigners, including board and lodging. Individual German language course.
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Mr. M. Moldenhauer

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Translation English - Greek - German

As a group of qualified private translators we do not compete with established translators. Our object is to serve a market gap, accepting orders which for reasons of profitability usually are refused by the professionals. We are focused on the target and source languages Greek and German, translating general private and business correspondence, writs, forms, technical manuals, court records, contracts etc. as well as performing localization of web pages and software, proof-reading and any other assignment related to translation from and into Greek, German and English.

  Service offer to:
  - private individuals
  - entrepreneurs
  - free lance workers

How much costs a translation from or into Greek?

Usually translations are quoted in consideration of the count of words / characters and the difficulty level. Because Greek related translation commonly is rated as hard, professional translators frequently charge up to 0,15 Euro per word or 2 Euro per line as well as minimum fees of 50+ Euro per order. Of cause such pricing is not affordable for private purposes and even in the commercial range an actually needed translation often is not done in order to save some money. In contrast with the common pricing level we are confident that you will be very amazed at our fair conditions and low prices!
Note: our service is targeted to private persons as well as to translators, lawyers, notaries etc. which for reasons of time or / and cost prefer to give out some work without having to refer their clients to third parties.

  The market situation:
  - high pricing level
  - inflexible quoting
  - heavy min. values

Low priced translation Greek - English - German

Our freely related and highly experienced private translators offer qualified services, accepting with pleasure even "unprofitable" as well as smallest orders at low prices and fair conditions, e. g. translation from or into Greek or German:
 1,60 Euro per 100 characters - no charge of blank spaces - minimum value per order only 15.- Euro!  (Please kindly notice that this noncommittal offer in each case is discountable on the translator's discretion)
Note: our service is targeted to private persons as well as to translators, lawyers, notaries etc. which for reasons of time or / and cost prefer to give out some work without having to refer their clients to third parties. Please ask for special conditions.

  Low priced offer:
  - 1,60 € / 100 chars
  - min. value 15,00 €
  - no charge of blanks

Forwarding source text and translation

Usually original text and translation are sent in digitized form by e-mail (attachment). In the ideal case the source text already exists in a common file format (txt, rtf, doc, swx, pdf etc.) and can be processed without further converting.
However, original documents often exist only on paper. In such cases we also accept scanned documents and will convert the translation into one of the above mentioned formats without any additional charge.
Depending on circumstances documents may be transmitted as well by upload / download, fax or mail (paper, Floppy-Disk, CD-ROM, DVD).

  Flexible processing:
  - all usual formats
  - scans accepted
  - variable shipment

Performing a Greek, German or English translation

After receiving the related order response (confirmation of cost estimation, special agreements, deposit etc.) the submitted source text / document and possibly available glossaries or / and other working aids will be forwarded to an accordingly qualified translator. Finally the translation will be proofread, checked against special requirements and converted to the requested format. If needed / required each translation will be certified according to the Greek law about private authentication.
Note: on request some sample text in the target language will be submitted for free (e. g. in order to ensure that the final translation can be processed on customer's system).

  Reliable execution:
  - correct translation
  - fast completion
  - inexpensive pricing

Technical details and hints

All translators are equipped with modern PCs and multilingual software and are able to handle the most common file formats (MS Office, Open / Star Office etc.). In the case of scanned files the JPG- or PDF-format is recommended. Lower resolution than 300dpi, crossly scanned and illegible documents may affect negatively work and result. This applies in a general manner also to fax and paper documents. Larger digitized files should be compressed (*.zip, *.rar, *.ace) before sending them by e-mail attachment.
Note: in order to reproduce Greek text files on your PC, Greek language support has to be enabled as well as Greek fonts (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana) are required.

  Technical details:
  - resolution
  - compression
  - Greek alphabet

Transfer of the agreed translation fee

In order to avoid / keep down banking fees the agreed payment can be transferred with PayPal (from deposit or credit card) or to common banking accounts in Germany and Greek. Orders will be binding accepted receiving the agreed payment. As the affiliated private translators exercise "light part-time work", presently no VAT is charged.
Note: received payments will be forwarded to the translator in each case only after the client acknowledges the proper receipt of the ordered translation.

  Safe payment:
  - PayPal
  - Bank order

Contact / Info
If you can't or don't want to use (e. g. for technical reasons) the adjacent mail form, please send your message by e-mail to:
Please use this form for quick requests
Mrs.   Mr.


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